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Certified quality for your goods.

Sustainable development requires long-term thinking – particularly in the forestry sector. The demand for products from responsible-minded production is increasing all the time. This is why timber harvesting in Europe is subject to strict criteria: in order to guarantee the survival of the forest, forestry companies are only allowed to fell as many trees as can grow again in a foreseeable period of time. Timber harvesting therefore regularly rejuvenates the forest and this benefits the eco-system.


As a certified specialist disposal company, we are entitled to treat, transport and store waste and therefore trade in it. Certification that we meet the requirements stated in the German Specialist Disposal Company Order in terms of our organisation, equipment and activities is provided through regular monitoring audits. As a result, our customers can rely on us to dispose of their waste wood in a professional and proper manner.


We offer our customers in the energy sector quantities and quality levels of the wood from forests and industrial and waste wood in classes A1 – A4 that they need for their production units. We therefore enable the companies to generate power within the scope of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG). This electricity from biomass combined heat and power stations is subsidised, for renewable energies are the most important source of power in Germany and developing them is a central pillar of the energy revolution. It particularly makes sense to use waste wood and types of wood with lower quality levels as CO2-neutral fuels. After all, burning wood only produces as much CO2 as the trees absorbed from the air when growing. Using waste and used wood for energy purposes therefore completes the CO2 cycle.




We also offer our customers types of wood that are certified according to the FSC-STD-40-004 standard. We err on the side of caution with this standard: any wood obtained from converting natural forests into plantations or from non-forestry usage is ruled out; and the same is true of wood from forests that are planted with genetically modified trees.



A large part of our wood is certified according to PEFC. This quality seal offers end-to-end and reliable evidence that forests have been managed in a caring and responsible manner – thanks to an accreditation process in line with international standards. At Rhenus Forest Logistics, we are fully aware of this complex issue and we check our sources of supplies very carefully. 



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