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The material formed from your sawdust

Everything in our business operations focuses on wood – whether this involves commerce, logistics, storage or processing. At Rhenus Forest Logistics, we supply many long-standing customers in the paper, wood materials, energy and soil production sectors with recycled and industrial waste wood as well as biomass. We obtain our high-quality wood from regional sawmills and forests. We always place great importance on handling the natural resource wood in a responsible manner. We therefore take note of the criteria underlying sustainable forestry management when purchasing stocks.


Wood chips

Wood chips are chopped pieces of wood and they are produced by machine directly at sawmills. They are mainly used when making paper and cellulose or manufacturing chipboard or MDF boards as well as laminate flooring.




Sawdust is produced at sawmills in addition to wood chips. The sawdust can be used to make pellets, as a coating for chipboard or as bedding for animals.




Bark accrues as a by-product at any company that strips the bark off logs. It can be scattered as a covering material in gardens and landscapes or burned to provide energy. 


Off-cuts occur as a by-product at timber sorting companies or sawmills when timber is cut to a certain length. This enables our customers to obtain wood chips for their own use.



Green cutting wood chips are obtained as a by-product in landscaping. Most of the green cuttings involve wood and they occur when trees are felled or when parklands are cared for; the materials are processed to provide a fuel.


Forest chips are obtained from lower-quality wood and occur when forests are harvested or trees are thinned out. The chips are produced directly on the spot with mobile chipping tools.




The oversized items in compost or processed green cuttings are known as surplus materials. Impurities are removed from this biomass, which is rich in wood, and it is processed for energy production in line with our customers’ wishes.



Waste wood involves used or industrial waste wood and it may have differing degrees of contamination, depending on how it was used previously. It is therefore divided into four categories of waste wood. Waste wood is used as a source of energy or is processed to form chipboard.



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